Thursday, January 22, 2015

The GalleryVirtuality Project - ALPHA TEAM UPDATE 01 [plus more 1-22-15]

An introduction to the program "GalleryVirtuality" with Code Designer, Bret Sheppard, and Karen Patrick, Community Development. More of a technical introduction of the program as we would love to have artist/coders join us in the project that is Open Source. In this blog post is a video done on Google Hangouts in January 2015. Currently, the project is released in an early form just to show people what it's about and to show what tools are used to program a virtual space.

A fully-functional version is on it's way with an exciting new outreach in the community development aspect. The GVP team has been looking for Featured Artists for the full release and our first featured artist is going to be the iconic Los Angeles artist, Andre' Miripolsky. Some of the screen shots included in this blog is of a virtual gallery being developed using GalleryVirtuality featuring Andre's amazing, energetic work. in development. Andre's work can be viewed at More on this story later in this blog.

Streamed live on Jan 17, 2015
PROJECT SUMMARY: The GalleryVirtuality Project is an Open Source creator community of users and developers co-creating GalleryVirtuality, a "Neutral Zone" virtual environment using the Quake III Game Engine that simulates a modern art gallery. The gallery space can be used by artists to show work in a virtual environment familiar to patrons of the arts. The viewer can wander through the rooms, look at the art, get information about the art and artist, with no time limit or distractions. A music track may be added for ambiance. The code is greatly simplified which makes it a useful tool for viewing maps and features in the design phase at one's leisure. The simplified code environment also can help students of gaming design or the visual arts learn basic coding skills and to simulate how art might express in a physical environment.

GVP "ALPHA TEAM" Bret Sheppard, Code Designer and Karen Patrick, Community Development







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